Richard Keller

Full Stack Web Developer


Richard Keller is a passionate Web Developer building beautiful digital products. He has 8+ years of industry experience in web application and website development. Over the years he has learned the ins an outs of web development from creating single page websites to creating scalable backend services that serve thousands of customers.

Technologies and Skills

AWS DynamoDBAWS EC2AWS ECSAWS S3CSSChaiCucumberDigital OceanDockerDrupalElasticSearchExpressFirebaseGitHTMLIllustratorInkscapeJavascriptLinuxMochaMongoDBMySQLNLTKNetlifyNodeJSPHPPhotoshopPostgresPythonReactReact NativeReduxSASSServerless FrameworkShopifyStripeSymfonyTerraformTwigWebpackWordPressZ ShelljQuery